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Tony Clark Aquinas: Lyric Drama in Two Acts, 1981


Judith Pascal Fuck the polis, 1998

Fuck the Polis

by Judith Pascal

[from Strolling catalogue 1998]

For architects, an Old World teaser: can the Great
Old cities
house the living?
No, the problem’s really how
to get survivors out,
and keep the empty buildings
as Museums of Themselves.
From City into Monument,
proceeding from the precedent:
al-Hamraa,the Red.

the Cities are places
of collective Memory;
and Memory
itself formed
of objects and places,
as the City is.
The locus, the citoyens, citoyennes,
make up the image of the city,
its architecture and its landscape.
Some artifacts enter Memory
and some new ones form.
And once there were Great Ideas
they flowed
through the history of Cities and gave them shape.

And when in the marketplace, someone asked
are we to do? ’you
said ’here
is where
we are’.

More anciently, with animal masks

feet moving
in time
with the moving skies:
that was language

the stable meanings
case with the skills
and various habits
of our body
‘The collective
is a body