Slave Pianos, Music of the City, Archival Material (Correspondence)


Slave Pianos, Music of the City, Archival Material (Correspondence)

John Nixon
Marco Fusinato
PO Box 1029
Potts Point 2011

17 August 1999

Neil Kelly, Rohan Drape,
Danius Kesminas and Michael Stevenson.

C/ Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney.

It has come to our attention that you are making unauthorised copies/versions of our work.

These include,
Pneumatic Drill (newsletter) John Nixon.
Circle Record label formed by Julian Daspher and John Nixon.
Various compositions from the Circle Records label (Julian Daspher, Marco Fusinato and John Nixon).
Various compositions by SOLVER (Marco Fusinato and John Nixon).
Compositions by Marco Fusinato

As you know the material is our original work and we hold copyright.
As authors and holders of copyright we give no permission for the use of this material without our consent.

We ask you to stop any further production, exhibition and offers for sale of any of the material which references our work.

If you respect our rights as artists you will abide by our request.

John Nixon
Marco Fusinato

cc: Julian Daspher