Slave Pianos, Music of the City, Programme Cover


The Music of the City


Slave Pianos, Music of the City, Programme Text

Slave Pianos in association with The Histrionics present


Recitals of Artists’ Music and Sound Works

Opening night programme Darren Knight Gallery 6p.m. August 6 1999, 840 Elizabeth St., Waterloo Sydney

Slave Pianos live performance by the QRS Pianomation Research Laboratory Player Piano, the Playola. Recompositions/arrangements and transcriptions by Rohan Drape and Neil Kelly with performances and interpretations by Barney McAll.

Richard SwallowThe Operator
Martin CreedWork No 117
Jean DubuffetCoq a L’oeil
David McThomas & Harry ArmoniousNovember 1996
Marro FusinatoEP in E
George BrechtComb Piece
Thomas LawsonUntitled
Peter Tyndall (Slave Guitars)
Joseph Beuys & Nam June PaikIn Memoriam George Maciunas
Martin KerselsFax Machine
John Nixon (Two Greys Becoming)
Michael Kelley (Destroy All Monsters)Raga
Domenico de ClarioFrom The Opaque
Katharina FritschUnken (extrait)
Anthony Clark (The Living Rococo)Untitled
Jean TinguelyRelief Meta-mechanique Sonore 1
Bruce McLean’s (Videor Diodes)Limpo-Wristo Pontho-Rocko
Anthony Clark (Intermezzo)7
Ronnie Van Hont (Into The Void)Bank Roll
John Nixon (The Ballet)Alexander Blok pt 1
Daniel Malone & Martin PopperwellThe Strike Church
Louise BourgeoisOtte
Ross Sinclair (with The Soup Dragons)Head Gone Astray
Lillian BuddStudies for Existence
Dieter RothDer Akkordeon Fluch

Slave Chamber: menage a quatre present the world premiere of Five Pieces for String Quartet recomposition/arrangement/transcription by Rohan Drape & Neil Kelly

IWilliam ViolaBuried Secrets 1995
IISolver (J.Nixon, M.Fusinuto, S.Bram, R.Nolan)3, 1997
IIIGabriel OrozcoLigne d’Abandon, 1993
IVKurt Merz SchwittersUrsonate 1922–32
VThe Gobbler (M.Kelley, P.McCartney, A.Byington, C.Jamie, D.Muller)Lazy Siren 1998
Violin 1Romano Crivici
Violin 2Jacob Plooigh
ViolaRudolph Crivici
CelloMarcus Hartstein

dedicated to Elektra String Quartet

The Didgeridoo performance of works by Circle Records recording artists has been cancelled due to discretion exercised in playing this material in the presence of the authors during EPW ceremonial orders

Continuing at The Iron Duke Hotel (Cnr Botany Rd & McEvoy St., Alexandria) at B.30p.m. David M Thomas’ Oviae Yone, then The Hiatrionics present for the first time in Sydney ADAWO, Australia’s first Martin Creed tribute band. Set List:

  • Hello (hello)
  • 1234
  • Thirty Thirty
  • Short G
  • The New Instrumental One
  • Short C
  • Feeling Blue
  • Short G
  • Up + Down
  • Circle
  • Short G
  • Low
  • High
  • 30 Seconds With The Lights Of f
  • 1 - 100
  • Short G
  • 101 - 200
  • Short G THE
  • Long C
  • One Whole Song
  • Short G
  • x
  • Short C
  • Nothing
  • Start Middle End
  • Short C
  • The usual First One
  • Happy Man
Martin Creed VocalsJohn Campbell
Martin Creed guitarCraig Fermanis
Keiko Owada bassDave O’Brien
Adam McEwen drumsTommy Zdanius

Exclusively available through Darren Knight Gallery

LOIN GROINPneumatic Drill C.D.
SLAVE EDITIONSBoxed set of Slave Pianos Scores
SLAVE EDITIONSBound set of Slave Chamber scores
ADAWOOffset poster