Slave Pianos, Never Forever: Fluxus Was a Sajudis Trick!, Programme Text


Panel Discussion

Networks between West and East

House of World Cultures | John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10 | 10557 Berlin | Art Forum Berlin | Messedamm 22 | 14055 Berlin | 27 – 29 Sept 2007 | In English | Free admission, if not stated otherwise

Panel III: Fluxus is not dead, it just smells funny – Fluxus Strategies in Contemporary Art?

Sat 29 Sept | 3 pm | Art Forum Berlin | admission Art Forum 15/10 €

Presentations and discussion:

  • Azorro (PL)
  • Nomeda + Gediminas Urbonas (LT)
  • Slave Pianos (AUS)

The conference is a joint event of Künstlerhaus Bethanien and House of World Cultures in cooperation with Art Forum Berlin, the Polish Institute in Berlin, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Czech Centre Czechpoint, the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania.

Slave Pianos, Never Forever: Fluxus Was a Sajudis Trick!, Programme Text

NEVER FOREVER: Fluxus Was A Sajudis Trick!* or:
CheckMate / FluxWake for Rimvydas Survila / George Maciunas or:
Chairman George Maciunas & President Vytautas Landsbergis

1.d4 Nf6George BrechtComb Music (Comb Event) (1960–63)
2.Nc3 d5Larry MillerFluxus Vortex (1994)
narrator I should perhaps start…
Larry MillerFruit and Vegetable Chess (Preliminary, Date Unknown)
3.Bg5Nbd7Claudio MonteverdiLidia Spina Del Mio Core (1607)
choir Lydia, thorn in my heart…
4.e3 c5M.K.CiurlionisVienam Kiemely (1905)
5.Nf3 Qa5Nam June Paik2 x Mini Giant(1991)
narrator The East European revolution produced…
Vytautas LandsbergisSpatial Poem No. 5 Chess (1972)
6.Bxf6 Nxf6Claudio MonteverdiLidia Spina Del Mio Core (1607)
7.Bb5+ Bd7Philip CornerCarrot Chew Performance (1964)
8.Bxd7+ Nxd7Eric AndersonFax-Letter to Emmett Williams (1993)
narrator There was also a copy of a letter…
George MaciunasColor Balls in Bottle Board Chess (1966)
9.O-O e6Henry PurcellPavan in G minor Z751 (c.1680)
violin, violin, ’cello, harpsichord
10.e4 dxe4Nam June PaikA Short Trip on the Electronic Superhighway with Nam June Paik (1993)
narrator Vytautas Landsbergis of Lithuania…
Vytautas LandsbergisSpatial Poem No. 5 Chess (1972)
11.Nxe4 Be7M.K.CiurlionisAr Vejai Pute (1905)
12.d5 exd5Giovanni GabrieliDonna Leggiadra e Bella (1595)
13.Qxd5 Qc7Vytautas LandsbergisSpatial Poem No.3 (1966)
14.Rad1 Nb6Geoffrey HendricksManuscript, New York (1994)
narrator He also devised…
Takako SaitoNut and Bolt Chess (1965)
15.Qf5 O-OHenry PurcellSonata [Chacony] in G minor Z730 (c.1680)
violin, violin, ’cello, harpsichord
16.Nfg 5g6Jean de MacqueConsonanze Stravaganti (1610)
17.Qh3 h5Vytautas LandsbergisCorrespondence and Manifesto (1962–1966)
narrator New music is non-music and anti-art…
Vytautas LandsbergisSpatial Poem No. 5 Chess (1972)
18.f4 Rad8M.K.CiurlionisVienam Kiemely (1905)
19.Qf3 Rxd1Claudio MonteverdiDeh Chi Tace Il Bel Pensero(1607)
choir Alas, now silent…
20.Rxd1 Rd8Alison KnowlesNivea Cream Piece (1962)
21.g3 Nc4Alison KnowlesManuscript (1980)
narrator This was truly a Fluxus vehicle…
Takako SaitoWeight Chess (1965)
22.b3 Nd6Claudio MonteverdiDeh Chi Tace Il Bel Pensero (1607)
23.Nxd6 Rxd6M.K.CiurlionisAr Vejai Pute (1905)
24.Ne4 Rxd1+SLAVE PIANOSNever Forever: Fluxus was a Sajudis Trick!(2007)
narrator With the assistance of his childhood friend…
Vytautas LandsbergisSpatial Poem No. 5 Chess (1972)
25.Qxd1 Qc6Claudio MonteverdiZefiro Torna (1632)
violin,violin,’cello,harpsichord The west wind returns…
26.Qd3 Bf6Henry PurcellPavan in G minor Z751 (c.1680)
27.c3 b6Nam June PaikOne for Violin Solo (1962)
28.Qd5 Bd4+Tamas St. AubyFluxus-Art-Life-Politics (2007)
narrator This unattainability of Fluxus…
Henry Flynt & George MaciunasCommunists Must Give Revolutionary Leadership in Chess (1966)
29.cxd4 Qb5Slave PianosChorale, Two Lives In Flux: & Vice Versa(2004)
harpsichord Since Monteverdi, nothing of great interest…
30.Qe5Henry PurcellFuneral Sentences (1695)
mezzo-soprano and ’cello Suffer us not at out last hour…
Black resigns