Slave Pianos, New Cathaysia, Archival Material (Correspondence)


Slave Pianos, New Cathaysia, Archival Material (Correspondence)

Subject: pianoheaven
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 18:21:50 +1200

hi Michael, Danius, Neil, Rohan & David, Phil Dadson from Auckland here. I don’t think we’v met in fact, but I’v been following the work of Slave Pianos for a while now and was particularly pleased to find your work on Cockatoo Island for Sydney Biennale a couple of days ago. I’v just returned from there, from a gig at Superdeluxe@ Artspace as part of the Biennale.

Excuse me suggesting this myself, but I have a couple of works I’v often thought I’d love to hear interpreted by Slave Pianos and would like to invite you to consider it. There are quite a few in fact, but one in particular, is a three piano work titled 3DMusic, part of a triadic series performed at Sydney Biennale in 1986. Densely polyrhythmic with vocal utterances here and there - devilish for three players to synch with in places - was performed on three old electric pianos for the Biennale in what was then the amazingly acoustic Cellblock (the old Sydney womans prison block), and then at another time on three little Chinese uprights for a performance arranged by Sydney’s North Shore Chamber music association. This latter was an unexpectedly and wonderfully sonorous performance, with one of the uprights, by name of Happy, falling on its face right at the start of the performance. We couldn’t get the sustain pedal off and after righting the piano, played the piece through, full sustain all the way . I seem to recall half the audience leaving.

Another work that may be of interest is Gung Ho 1,2,3D . .. (this one you can check out an excerpt of, on Youtube if you wish. Devised for From Scratch in 1980, & dedicated to Rewi Alley, it again is another in the Triad series. A Slave Pianos interpretation could I think, make a very intruiging remix ! Which brings up another possibility. Andrew Clifford, sound & art curator, presently assistant director and curator at Gus Fisher Gallery in auckland is doing a research project around From Scratch performances, concepts, instruments etc . . part of which, downtrack, may hopefully involve an exhibition and remix album. One of my choices would be to invite Slave Pianos to do a remix of a FS work…could it interest you? A collaboration perhaps?

Keep up the great work. I look/hear forward to experiencing another outing sometime soon. Unfortunately the Adam gallery information I just received today, is too short notice for me to alter this week’s plans for. But another time. Any chance you’re visiting Auckland? let me know. It’d be a pleasure to meetup with you if you were available and interested to discuss this further sonically Phil D