Slave Pianos, New Cathaysia, Programme Text


Slave Pianos, New Cathaysia, Programme Text

Victoria University of Wellington, Darren Knight Gallery & the Remembering the 20th Century Committee present:
at Adam Art Gallery, Friday 18 June 2010, 8pm.


100:00S1L. Budd Studies for Existence 1998 / G. Orozco Ligne dAbandon 1993 [R,P]
201:30S2J. Beuys & N. J. Paik In Memoriam George Maciunas 1978 [R,Q]
S1J. Dashper Gate Experience IV n.d [R,P]
304:30S3M. von Schlegell Slave Pianos: A Schema & Historo-Materialist Pro-gnostic 2001 [A]

Rending of the Veil

406:00S1L. Lye Trilogy (Flip and Two Twisters) 1977 [R,P,Q]
S3G. Intra Slave Artists of the Piano Cult: An Introduction 2001 [A]
509:00S2C. Marclay One Thousand Cycles 1981 [R,Q]
S3C. Kraus Aliens & Anorexia 2000 [A]
S4D. Workman (Thela) Look Out! The Fucking Hot Jet 1995 [R]
613:30S2I. Tillers Queue Actions 1973 [Q]
S4G. Brecht Comb Music (Comb Event) 1959–1962 [R,P,Q]


716:30S1A. Selenitsch Toora Lee: Four Pieces for Bellow Organ 1973 [Q]
S2K. Schwitters Ursonate (Extract) 1922–32 [R,P]
S4D. Malone & M. Popperwell Strike Church 1990 [R,P]
821:00S1S. Pianos Dissident Consonances 2007 [R,P]
S2G. Maciunas Death Always Walked Around Me 1978 [Q]
S3V. Landsbergis & G. Maciunas Private Correspondence 1962–1966 [A]
S4J. Mekas Zefiro Torna or Scenes from the Life of George Maciunas 1992 [F]

Consecration of the Elements

927:00M. Creed Work No. 117 1995
1029:00S4P. Corner Carrot Chew Performance 1964 / B. Apple Apple Chew Performance 2010 [Q,A]
1130:30S1J. Tinguely Hegel 1988 [R,P]
S4R. van Hout Bank Roll 1998 [R,P]


1233:30S2M. Duchamp La Mariee Mise a Nu Par Ses 1913 [Q] / M. Duchamp Musical Erratum 1913 [Q]
1335:00S3Paul McCartney Ebony and Ivory 1982 [A]
S4E. Asse, V. Fishkin & D. Gutoff Music-Hall Whistling Performance 1995 [Q]
1438:00S1J. Nixon, M. Fusinato, R. Nolan, S. Bram (Solver) 3 1997 [R,P]
S2P.Tyndall 6 1981 [R,Q]
S3P. Tyndall Private Correspondence (Brian Kennedy) 2000 [A]

Mystic Marriage and Consummation of the Elements

1542:30S2V. Komar & A. Melamid Music Writing Passport 1976 [Q]
S3J. Nixon & M. Fusinato Private Correspondence (Slave Pianos) 1999 [A]
1645:30S1J. Jones Flux Music Box 1965 [R,P]
S3R. Gopas Pedagogical materials & anecdotes c.1970 [A]
S4M. K. Ciurlionis Ar Vejai Pute VL.274 1908 [Q]

P=Piano & EMS VCS3, Q=Quartet(Violin,Clarinet,Clarinet,Bassoon), A=Actors, R=Archival Recording, F=Film

Tristan Carter (Violin), Justus Rozemond & Nicholas Walshe (Clarinets), Pieta Hextall (Bassoon), Jason Post (EMS VCS3), Debbie Fish & Mariya Kupriyenko (Actors)

SLAVE PIANOS thank Tina Barton, Bernie Gruschow, Andy Hummel, Dugal McKinnon, Laura Preston, Thomasin Sleigh and Teaching Services