Reproducing Building

Reproducing Building

A scheme to transform RMIT University’s architectural landmark, the Design Hub, into a towering piano keyboard and digitally scrolling piano roll. The building is located on the corners of Swanston and Victoria Streets and was designed by Sean Godsell and Peddle Thorpe Architects.

The glass cells of the building’s second-skin on the southern and eastern walls will be internally illuminated. Computer controlled LEDs will animate a curated program of transcriptions of 20th century avant-garde art, architecture and experimental music.

In the ground floor piano control room a mechanically operated grand piano will perform the transcriptions in real time and will provide public access to detailed information about the works performed, housing scores, recordings, commentaries, working diagrams and archival materials. The performed music will also be transmitted over FM bandwidth for radio access by anyone in proximity to the building.

The Reproducing Building elaborates a concise and coherent visual and musical argument, transferring seminal art works ordinarily considered hermetic, arcane and esoteric into a public spectacle that is immediately obvious and humorous.

  • Architectural renderings: [jpeg]
  • Commentary: P. Tyndall [html,html]

Unrealised proposal in collaboration with Jean-Paul Rollo and Romas Kesminas.